Kesford specializes in flooring works such as dry shake hardener, self-leveling epoxy flooring, self-smoothing floor screed, polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy floor coating, road surface anti-skid system, liquid hardener and dust proofer. We are particularly well experienced in the epoxy & polyurethane flooring system. We offer a wide range of systems, thicknesses, colors and textures to suit all your flooring needs.

  • Our Flooring Services:
    • Latest Advancement Extreme Durability Polyurea Floor Coating
    • Flexible & Waterproof Polyurethane Floor Coating
    • Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Coating
    • High Skid Resistance Floor System
    • Overlayment / Underlayment Self Leveling
    • Monolithic Waterproofing & Floor Hardener
    • Lithium Silicate Liquid Hardener / Densifiers


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