Kesford provides an one-stop service for all types of re-roofing works as well as conventional and / or Eco-Friendly re-roofing system.

Over the time, Kesford has completed over 200,000s.m. of re-roofing works for the government (ASD (PSB) Department & Education Bureau Term) and private projects.


For environmental protection, we developed an Eco-Friendly Polyurea Re-roofing System which lends itself well to all types of roofing situations, from traditional flat roofs to unusual designs. Eco-Polyurea Re-roofing Systems can be applied rapidly, with no disruption to the facility. For most re-roofing situations, the existing roof can still be preserved in order to lower the disturbance.


  • No need to remove all existing roof finishings
  • Minimize disruption to the facilities
  • Eco-friendly
  • Faster application
  • Cost savings

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