Kesford provides comprehensive solutions to improving construction quality, optimizing construction costs, and increasing efficiencies. We strive to have zero site-related accidents and use rigorous diagnostic testing and advanced inspection technologies for all our building and civil engineering projects.

Our in-house test services include:

  • Destructive & Non-destructive Thickness Testing (such as Ultrasound Thickness Gauges)
  • Infra-red Thermo-graphy Surveys (such as Infrared scanning on waterproofing system, water seepage assessment, infrared assessment on external façade of building cracks, etc.)
  • Water Seepage Investigation (water-ponding test with colour powder dye, fluorescent dye test (FDT) and investigate by UV lamp and spectacles)
  • Spark (Holiday) Test Surveys (such as Elcometer)
  • Bonding / Pull-off Test (such as Elcometer)
  • Moisture Test (Moisture Meter)
  • Competent Persons of Confined Spaces