Silicon / Silane Resin type is a brush-on / spray-on liquid-based sealer that forms a barrier to seal hairline cracks and protect concrete against water penetration.  This system employs colloidal silica liquid based coating that can deeply penetrate into concrete and produces a permanent hydrostatic barrier, whilst imparting significant structural, water repellent and strengthening benefits. It can also reduce the potential for pin-holing in the application of topcoat.


  • Ease of application
  • Deep penetration
  • No VOC


Standard Application:

  • By Airless spray, roller or brush

Product Brand being used:

  • Nukote HLT
  • Lockwell WPC/ CP
  • Penetron Peneseal
  • Consol SC80 Creamy Silane
  • Combo-crete Micro-crete Silane