Hot (recycled/ modified) rubberized Asphalt Membrane is designed for use as a waterproofing and roofing membrane, typically on concrete structures in vertical and horizontal applications. It is specially formulated from refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and inert clay filler.


  • 100 % solid. No solvent, zero VOC & seamless
  • Tough, flexible, self-healing and crack-bridging membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate and cohesive strength
  • No curing time required and ease of application
  • Resistance to acids (fertilizers, building washes, acid rain, etc.), alkali, methane and numerous building wastes


Standard Application:

  1. Primer coat with bituminous primer
  2. Melt solid Rubberized Asphalt with double air-jacketed boiler to around 180℃
  3. Apply first coat of membrane
  4. Reinforced with proprietary fiber mesh then apply second layer of membrane
  5. Lay the protection course


Typical Drawings:

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