Polyurethane spray type / Pure/hybrid / aromatic/aliphatic

Polyurea waterproofing membrane is a spray applied fast set, high performance elastomeric membrane and it has proven to be the most reliable waterproofing membrane in recent years due to unique properties (Ultra-high tensile strength, bond strength and comparatively higher strain than other membrane).

This versatile coating provides a cost effective, flexible and resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance. Polyurea waterproofing membrane is a great choice for top coating geotextile fabrics for primary and secondary containment.


  • 100% Solids with zero VOC
  • Fast setting material (approx. 30 seconds)
  • Resistance to many solvent, acid and alkalis
  • Impact, tear and abrasion resistant
  • UV resistant (optional grade)
  • Fire retardant (optional grade)


Standard Application:

  1. Primer coat with epoxy primer
  2. Spray-apply Polyurea with specially designed spray machine
  3. (Optional) Reinforced with proprietary geotextiles and apply second layer of membrane

Board cast silica sand / bonding key coat


Typical Drawing:


Product Brand being used,

  • Hydrolink UP100 TWO PARTS POLYURETHANE SYSTEM (Root Resistance),
  • Hydrolink POLYUREA SYSTEM, Standard Grade (ST), High chemical resistance (HCR) / Root Barrier(RB)
  • SPI/Nukote/Lockwell/Fosroc WPE POLYUREA SYSTEM/Mapei / BASF M800 (General use for high performance waterproofing)